March 2016

More than ‘JUST’ a function centre.

More than ‘JUST’ a function centre.

By Liz Johnston on 31 March 2016

I have now been at lazy River for 18 months, in that time 6 months was finding my feet and working out the background of Lazy River Estate. I found out that the current owners Peter and Pam built the business from bottom up including planting all of the vines, living in the shed while their home was being built and carefully designing the now ‘Function Centre’. It was a big learning curve for me, finding out all of the small things about the business that just showed the passion and enthusiasm both Peter and Pam share for the hospitality industry and how they want to take Dubbo to the next level as a food destination!

A massive decision made around 3 years ago was to close the café doors and open purely as a function centre.

I found for the first 12 months when people would call trying to book for lunch or wine tasting I would be saying – “No sorry, we are no longer a café we are JUST a function centre’. But are we JUST a function centre. I think we can proudly say we are more than JUST a function centre.

There are not many functions we have not hosted; Weddings, Gala Dinners, large corporate conferences, outdoor concerts, engagements, birthdays, christenings, Yoga retreats and the list goes on!

Not only do we host other people events we frequently host our own from Markets and Sculpture Workshops to Outdoor luncheons highlighting local producers. Seriously – how could I have said we are JUST a function centre?

Event Coordinator/self-appointed venue manager

Kelly Reynolds

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We can't thank Pam and Liz enough. Everything was spot on for our wedding day. We couldn't have asked for any better. No request was too difficult to accommodate.      
Dan & Mel

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