June 2016

My Island Home

My Island Home

By Liz Johnston on 23 June 2016

With over 70mm of rain on the Estate and MUCH more up river, Lazy River has turned into an island! Ok, maybe I’m over exaggerating…  There is still plenty of access and we are not an island. However, it has been fun and exciting watching the river rise over the last few days.

So far, the river has risen around 3m (this is me estimating – we do not have a measuring stick). But our Hippo Beach landing is completely underwater!


Images - clockwise from top left : image 1 - June 20 looking downstream, image 2 - June 21 looking upstream, image 3 - June 23 looking towards the river, the swing chair is usually here, image 4 - looking downstream directly at Hippo Beach (completely submerged(

Good luck to all those downstream!

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A Market de-brief!

A Market de-brief!

By Liz Johnston on 20 June 2016

Lazy River Estate Outdoor Pop-up Markets, held Sunday 12 June 2016 – the 3rd notch in our pop up market belt.

So, I organise over 300 events a year BUT the two market days are my most stressful events by far. There are SO many things that are out of my control. The quality of stall applicants, the weather, how many people attend and where people park (even with a parking management plan and a team of parking coordinators) is ALL out of my control!

This year was no exception; with a wedding the night before, 85 stall holders, an earlier bump-in time and rain forecast for 2 weeks we were in with a treat!

The fun all started on Friday while trying to mark out the stall holder sites and running into a few problems. Mainly, it was raining (as it had been for the 10 days prior) and the spray paint was water based and yellow (let me remind you, it was raining!). The last thing I wanted to do was walk around spray painting sites in the RAIN! All that kept going through my head was ‘we should cancel – no one is going to walk around in the rain, on wet grass’. We persisted, hoped the rain wouldn’t wash the paint away and waited to see what it look like the next day.

Saturday, the sun came out, it went away, it came out and then it went away again. There was a thought of rain but we crossed our fingers (and toes) and hoped it would go away.

The big day was finally here. Arriving at 5.30am with an ice covered windscreen I looked over the pitch black grounds and could already see the frost had set in. Great, more moisture; just what we needed. The sun was rising, we were trying to make out the stall sites (now covered in frost; note you cannot see yellow paint in a frost) and stall holders were arriving, we were on! Before we knew it, it was 8.30am and visitors were arriving. We had our parking coordinators in place and the stall holders were ready for a big day. With bumper to bumper traffic at 9am we knew we were in for a big crowd.

With over 3000 people through the door we couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sun was shining, the weather was warm (ish) and Sydney Youth Orchestra was amazing! A few hiccups like people getting bogged in the exit gate and a bus unable to get up the hill created some entertainment and issues but unfortunately we can’t prevent everything!

To be honest; opening a beer at 5pm, on the deck, watching the sunset over the stall holders packing up was definitely one of the highlights for me.

Bring on DECEMBER 11!!

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Many thanks for the lunch on Sunday and we do hope to book again next year. Thank you for your assistance with the bookings and taking on extra numbers at the last minute.

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