July 2017

How to host a stress-less wedding

By Liz Johnston on 14 July 2017

How to host a Stress-Less Wedding!

Planning your special day is a big deal, so what can you do to help ease the havoc and stress load? Here are a few of our tips to help you host the perfect wedding with as little stress as possible.

  • TIP ONE: Make a Wedding Planning Timeline and Checklist (and stick to it!!)

This will help you stay organised and on top of time! It could include things like 12 months before- setting a date, putting together a guest list, setting your budget and so on. Ticking these things off as you go will show what you’ve accomplished! When booking at Lazy River, we develop your 'on the day' running sheet which helps make the day run smoothly.

  • TIP TWO: Delegate jobs (recommended: pick organised and trustworthy people…)

Don’t make the easy mistake of taking all the weight on your back, that’s what makes you go bananas. Talk to people like your parents, bridesmaids and reliable people and pass on jobs like organising the music for the reception, decorating the venue so you can get a good night’s sleep, and so on… Don't forget- at Lazy River we set the venue for you!!

  • TIP THREE: Choose a venue and photographer (We heard Lazy River goes alright..!)

Choosing the venue can be one of the hardest decisions, (not to be biased but have you seen the set up at Lazy River Estate!!) so allow some time to go venue scouting and decide what’s best for your needs. Try and get a place that includes catering, accommodation and a great location to limit your amount of work. When choosing your venue, also check if a wedding planner is included, because if they are your work load will be massively reduced! Wedding planners know what they are doing and have huge insights into which suppliers to use!!

  • TIP FOUR: Rest up, and enjoy yourself!

Remember, this day is all about you two. Try not to get caught up in the formalities and your schedule, and have fun! My biggest tip, take 10 minutes with your new husband/wife and go somewhere private and take in the day- it goes so quickly, so stop and smell the roses!

Best of luck planning! 

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June and July

June and July

By Liz Johnston on 14 July 2017

Quiet time at Lazy...

Can you believe we are already half way through the year? July is smack bang in the middle of the quiet season out at Lazy River, so we like to keep ourselves busy by doing some housekeeping and planning.

Pete and Pam recently got back from their trip around Europe, and might I add they are both looking nice and brown! Kel just missed their return, as she has also ducked off to Europe, and Steph to Byron Bay, leaving the rest of us to freeze in Dubbo’s beautiful winter weather…

A few weeks ago we launched our new Pop up Picnic external catering which has been really successful! We offer 4 different picnics; a lunchbox picnic, ploughman’s picnic, antipasto picnic and a sweet tooth picnic. You can order these on our website, and we will deliver them to you upon request.

The boys have been working hard outside over the past few months landscaping and making the estate look great. All the vines have been pruned in time for the spring growth, and a number of new trees have been planted around the entrance of the estate and others near the lake. We cannot wait for the rain to come and make the estate beautifully green again!

As well as this, Head Chef Steph has been keeping herself busy planning and testing the new menu for 2018! She has redesigned the menu totally and has included some super creative dishes. I would know, because I was lucky enough to be the taste tester and sampler!! They were all so delicious that I can’t choose a favourite to recommend, so be prepared for your tastebuds to be tantalised…!

And the girls in the office have been working as hard as ever in preparation for the upcoming spring wedding season (which will be hectic!). There have been many meetings with brides to be over the past few weeks, planning and finalising all the finishing touches for their big day.

That’s just a brief outline of the past few weeks out at Lazy; stay tuned for upcoming blog posts of our spring season where things get crazy!

By the way, my names Tori and I am currently stepping in for Kel whilst she is away. I’m a uni student studying media at UTS in Sydney, and I am making sure all the social media is kept up to date and monitoring Kelly’s crazy influx of emails.

Hope you enjoyed the blog and bye for now!



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