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My Island Home

My Island Home

By Liz Johnston on 23 June 2016

With over 70mm of rain on the Estate and MUCH more up river, Lazy River has turned into an island! Ok, maybe I’m over exaggerating…  There is still plenty of access and we are not an island. However, it has been fun and exciting watching the river rise over the last few days.

So far, the river has risen around 3m (this is me estimating – we do not have a measuring stick). But our Hippo Beach landing is completely underwater!


Images - clockwise from top left : image 1 - June 20 looking downstream, image 2 - June 21 looking upstream, image 3 - June 23 looking towards the river, the swing chair is usually here, image 4 - looking downstream directly at Hippo Beach (completely submerged(

Good luck to all those downstream!

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The year is just travelling way to fast for us here at Lazy…..

The year is just travelling way to fast for us here at Lazy…..

By Liz Johnston on 4 May 2016

Well that was April! Now into the first week of May and we have had a huge “eventful” year so far.

We have had lots of brides and grooms through over this wedding season, with still a few more to go before the end of June.  Which is pretty unusual, the wedding season normal ends around the close of April.  With this warm weather continuing we may not even notice our winter weddings being too cool.  With over twelve years of hosting weddings at Lazy River, winter weddings are always special in that it is nice to see the contrasting colours of a winter wedding in the vineyard and cellar!

It is also comforting to know that our decision to put in accommodation two years ago to offer an added service to brides and grooms has been worthwhile.  Probably eight out of ten weddings utilise the Boathouse for their wedding. A lot of brides stay on the Friday night before with their bridesmaids and then on the Saturday they use the Villa to have their hair/makeup and pre wedding photos.  Then the best part is that the bride and groom stay on their first night as husband and wife! They normally see their own guests out and are the last to leave the reception before they head off to the Boathouse.

To be honest, when I look back at the initial inception of Lazy River it never occurred to me at the time that we would one day be a premium wedding venue for Dubbo.  We always planned to build a premium cellar door venue and it was our architects who encouraged us to expand the building so that we could cater for more than just a building to retail wine!

Obviously now many years later, weddings is just one part of our core business of a premium events centre. 

Just to digress, it would be remiss of me not to mention the very successful Red Hot Summer Tour that we hosted on a very hot day in March this year.   Again, if someone had told me back in the early stages of planning the vineyard that one day Lazy River would host a Jimmy Barnes concert with 4000 people I would have said they were mad!

Ok, the weather wasn’t perfect but from all accounts everyone had a great day and the music was sensational.  The good news is that we are in the process of planning the 2017 event and at this stage all I can say is keep the first Saturday in March next year free for another Red Hot Summer Concert.  Musicians and all other details will be released in the coming months.

Stay tuned….


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More than ‘JUST’ a function centre.

More than ‘JUST’ a function centre.

By Liz Johnston on 31 March 2016

I have now been at lazy River for 18 months, in that time 6 months was finding my feet and working out the background of Lazy River Estate. I found out that the current owners Peter and Pam built the business from bottom up including planting all of the vines, living in the shed while their home was being built and carefully designing the now ‘Function Centre’. It was a big learning curve for me, finding out all of the small things about the business that just showed the passion and enthusiasm both Peter and Pam share for the hospitality industry and how they want to take Dubbo to the next level as a food destination!

A massive decision made around 3 years ago was to close the café doors and open purely as a function centre.

I found for the first 12 months when people would call trying to book for lunch or wine tasting I would be saying – “No sorry, we are no longer a café we are JUST a function centre’. But are we JUST a function centre. I think we can proudly say we are more than JUST a function centre.

There are not many functions we have not hosted; Weddings, Gala Dinners, large corporate conferences, outdoor concerts, engagements, birthdays, christenings, Yoga retreats and the list goes on!

Not only do we host other people events we frequently host our own from Markets and Sculpture Workshops to Outdoor luncheons highlighting local producers. Seriously – how could I have said we are JUST a function centre?

Event Coordinator/self-appointed venue manager

Kelly Reynolds

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February – the month of LOVE!

February – the month of LOVE!

By Terry Wilcher on 16 February 2016

With soaring temperatures and not a lot of rainfall it has been a few weeks of watering, spraying, mowing and tidying! February is the start of our Wedding season and with three weddings, our Wedding Open Day and a number of private and corporate functions we have been run off our feet (and we are only half way through!)

In the lead up to the Wedding Open Day (one of THE most important events on our calendar) things were a little frantic! We were fortunate enough to receive a little rain in the first week of Feb which meant the ENTIRE 30 acres of manicured lawns, gardens and vineyard needed mowing, spraying and weeding.

After this month, I can now add grounds keeper to my resume (or maybe I should add ‘over controlling venue manager’). After spending a few days on the gator, mower and whipper snipper I have worked out that I REALLY enjoy indoor jobs in summer!

All in all, the hard work paid off – the venue looked amazing and our Wedding Open Day was a huge success – evening hitting front page of the local rag!

Bye for now!!

Kelly (the ‘Over controlling venue manager’)

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Everyone at Lazy River were fantastic! As the organiser I only heard good things about the food and service so thank you so much for everything that you and the staff did.
NSW Farmers Association

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