February – the month of LOVE!

February – the month of LOVE!

By Terry Wilcher on 16 February 2016

With soaring temperatures and not a lot of rainfall it has been a few weeks of watering, spraying, mowing and tidying! February is the start of our Wedding season and with three weddings, our Wedding Open Day and a number of private and corporate functions we have been run off our feet (and we are only half way through!)

In the lead up to the Wedding Open Day (one of THE most important events on our calendar) things were a little frantic! We were fortunate enough to receive a little rain in the first week of Feb which meant the ENTIRE 30 acres of manicured lawns, gardens and vineyard needed mowing, spraying and weeding.

After this month, I can now add grounds keeper to my resume (or maybe I should add ‘over controlling venue manager’). After spending a few days on the gator, mower and whipper snipper I have worked out that I REALLY enjoy indoor jobs in summer!

All in all, the hard work paid off – the venue looked amazing and our Wedding Open Day was a huge success – evening hitting front page of the local rag!

Bye for now!!

Kelly (the ‘Over controlling venue manager’)

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January 2016

January 2016

By Terry Wilcher on 1 January 2016

January has been a month of harvesting, pickling, and drying here in the Lazy River kitchen. We have been racing the cockies for figs and grapes on a daily basis. I want to make sultanas and jam, but they seem to prefer them fresh for breakfast.

The kitchen herb garden has thankfully survived through the blistering hot days we experienced through early January and is now providing us with an abundance of fresh produce. Last year we planted a cumquat tree which is just beginning to show its first signs of blossom. I am really looking forward to our first harvest and these initial blossoms are promising and so pretty.

If you follow our Instagram you may have seen some samples of our 2016 menu. We have really enjoyed creating, decorating and eating our way through the menu this week; it has definitely been worth the few extra kilos! Now to turn the blackberries I picked from the boat house vine yesterday into jam.

Bye for now

Chef Stephanie

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Everyone at Lazy River were fantastic! As the organiser I only heard good things about the food and service so thank you so much for everything that you and the staff did.
NSW Farmers Association

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