The History of Wine in Dubbo

The Lazy River Estate vineyard is located on the original site where Robert Dulhunty was said to be squatting in 1829. He was determined to make his claim and establish a city on the plains. However Jean Emile Serisier, another early pioneer, had other ideas and set up camp downstream where the city of Dubbo is located today.

Serisier took his workers away from Dulhunty's pub and stone house and established the Serisier General Store in Macquarie Street in 1848. To further frustrate Dullhunty, he returned back upstream past "Old Dubbo" and planted 50,000 wine grape vines, producing close to 100,000 litres of wine a year. In doing so, Serisier created the second longest cellar in the colony known as "Eumalga".

Soon after, German winemaker George Roth planted a vineyard next to Lazy River Estate, just behind what was the Old Dubbo cricket pitch. The Roth family relocated to plant the first vineyard in Mudgee which was named "Craigmore" in 1857.

On the other side of the Macquarie River, Fredrick and Salome Kurtz were more quietly going about their business at Mouth Olive vineyard, growing 15 acres of premium fruit and making award-winning wines. Mrs Kurtz won numerous international awards, including two medals in Chicago for her 1892 Shiraz.   

Peter and Pamela Scott purchased the site in 1994 with the dream of producing premium wine and operating a first-class function centre. The vines were planted in 1999 and the cellar door was opened in 2005 and is now a popular venue for weddings, corporate events and social occasions.

Lazy River Estate continues to produce award-winning wines which are available at all our function's however, we have moved away from tastings and wine sales with functions and events now being the core business of Lazy River Estate.